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Fresh Peeled Garlic & Brine Garlic


We are engaged in offering FRESH PEELED GARLIC in different part of country. The company has also ascertained utmost level of satisfaction by providing a perfect match to the international standards at market leading price. The Fresh Peeled Garlic is also packed conventionally in order to ensure safe transit and protection against changing climatic conditions. The culinary uses and medical benefits have also played crucial role in the enhancement of the market demands. In addition to this, we are recognised as one of the major Organic Peeled Garlic Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.





Attributes of Fresh Peeled Garlic:

  • Typical flavour
  • Good taste
  • Proper shape
  • Peeled and cleaned 


Attributes of Organic Peeled Garlic:
Culinary use-

  • Garnishing of cuisines
  • Add intense taste and aroma to various international cuisines

Medicinal use-

  • Tooth ache
  • Ear infection
  • Common cold & cough
  • Stomach cramps




Garlic in brine, also called salted garlic, is widely used in food industry.  Following are the specifications of our products:

1. Sensory Characteristics

  • Appearance/Colour : White to creamy color, not transparent without dark spots
  • Odour : Typical like garlic, without off odour
  • Taste: salty,lightly sour,typical like garlic, without off taste
  • Consistency: Pleasantly solid,not decomposed
  • Brine: Clear,not turbid

2. Other Characteristics

  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage: Room temperature or below
  • Packing: 50kg & 100Kgs / plastic drum


3. Specifications
  • Large size: 150/250 pieces/kg
  • Middle Size: 250/350 pieces/kg,350/450 pieces/kg
  • Small Size: 450/550 pieces/kg,600/800 pieces/kg
  • SS Size: 800/1000 pieces/kg